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Tanima Album

Raga Yaman


Cassette Album with four cassettes


Tanima Thakur


Tanima Thakur was born in a family of music lovers and her father
was a great patron of classical music. Tanima Thakur had shown her
extraordinary talent in music at a very early age, and she made her public
debut in the All India Air Radio Competition in which she stood first and
received a gold medal from the President of India.

Sunil Mukherjee Cass. Album

Raga Ahir Bhairav
Raga Kaushi Kanhra


One single cassette

The sarod is the loudest of all Indian stringed instruments. It comes with four melody strings and seventeen resonating strings, but has no frets. The musically-significant ornamental effects are achieved by gliding the finger up and down the string.


Sunil Mukherjee


Sunil Mukherjee was one of the first students of the sitar master Ravi Shankar.
He plays the sarod, a 17-string instrument. His frequent live performances on
ALL India Radio and TV are proof of his fame due to his virtuosity.

On this cassette, his wife, Pratima Mukherjee is playing the tanpura and
Ashish Sengupta the tabla.

Pawar Brothers Album

Raga Sarang


Cassette Album with eight cassettes


Pawar Brothers

Vocal (Dhrupad)

Sri Sukhdeo Pawar and Sri Kailash Pawar are renowned singers of the traditional Dhrupad Style of Gandharva Veda music. Today, they are the leading artists in the field of Alaap Dhrupad, the oldest vocal music of Gandharva Veda. Shri Lakshmi Narayan Pawar comes from a family that has been playing Pakhawaj for ten generations. Sri Gopal Pawar is a distinguished Tanpura player. In addition to maintaining the pitch of the basic notes of the vocalists, the Tanpura gives a tonal dimension to the music and enriches the atmosphere.

Anita Roy

Raga Kedar

1500011 Morning & Evening Ragas

1500010 Morning & Evening Ragas

Two single cassettes


Anita Roy


Anita Roy has appeared on All India Radio since 1970 as a Vocal Artist, and she has been a member of the Reference Panel of Artists for the Indian Council for Cultural Relations since 1992.
She has earned both M.Phil and M.A. Music degrees in voice from Delhi University. She is a regular teacher and lecturer for the Maharishi Vedic Universities in the U.S.A., the Netherlands, and in India.
Anita Roy has been touring the U.S.A. and Europe many times.

Sumitra Guja Album

Raga Desi Todi


One single cassette


Sumitra Guha


Sumitra Guha has one of the most sublime voices of Gandharva Veda music, singing the melodies of the ancient Vedic Civilization, the oldest cultural tradition of the world.
Sumitra Guha began to learn music at the tender age of four from her mother. Her divine singing, deep spiritual devotion, and genuine love for people is appreciated everywhere.

Gita Album


 Manas Chakraborty


Shri Manas Chakraborty was born in a traditional and illustrious family of scholars and classical musicians. He received his training from
his father Shri Gangetacharya Tarapada Chakraborty, himself a renowned and highly respected vocalist. He has mastered the fundamental and pervading spirit of Indian classical music and has earned for himself a very significant place among the best known performers today in India

Gita Album



Inderlal Dhandra


Inderlal Dhandra is a world class sarangi instrumentalist. He is a leading musician with the All India Radio of Delhi and performs regularly in Indian
National Television.

Gita Album


One box with three cassettes


Bhagavad Gita


The 'pocket version' of the Vedic Literature.

Listening to this recording of the Bhagavad-Gita in the original Sanskrit has a soothing and enlivening effect on the mind and body. Three cassettes contain all 18 chapters.

Rik Veda Album

RIK VEDA Album with four cassettes



Vedic Recitations

Rik Veda

Sama Veda


According to Maharishi's Vedic Science, all processes in our body and indeed all processes in the universe have a common basis in the unified field of all the laws of nature, which is pure consciousness. The patterns of intelligence and creativity inherent in pure consciousness, manifest as subjectivity and objectivity as the physiology of consciousness and the physiology of matter in an orderly and predictable way.

Natural Law unfolds through a series of transformations in pure consciousness which, Maharishi explains, express different frequencies of self-interaction. Maharishi explains that they are actually frequencies of sound the "hum" of the vibrations produced by the self-interacting dynamics of pure consciousness as it transforms itself from one mode into another.

The Vedic Sounds are the "Language of Nature", the sound created by the unified field interacting within itself. The Veda is the name given to the precise, perfectly orderly sequence of primordial sounds that expresses the complete unfoldment of natural law from pure consciousness. As Maharishi states, " The Veda is its original script is just the whisper of the unified field to itself."
The Vedic literature is the "script" of this sequential unfoldment of the laws of nature.
The Vedic sounds structure and direct all matter and energy. Vedic Sounds are the basic impulses of Natural Law that are responsible for all creation. As such they are also the basis of our own physiology of consciousness.
Contained in seed form in primordial sounds is the blueprint of the manifest universe, in the same way that DNA contains in seed form the blueprint of the entire body. There is an intimate relationship between the unmanifest seed sounds in consciousness and their manifest expressions in matter. The Vedic paradigm calls this the relationship of name and form: the name is composed of different sounds - different frequencies of self-interaction; the form is the material expression that spontaneously arise from the sequential unfoldment of the sound or name. In other words, the form is simply a more manifest expression of the vibrators impulses in the name.
The body, at its finest level, is just the expression of Vedic sound. Disease and disorders arise due to the mistake of the intellect (not to understand the interconnectedness) , when the material forms in the body become disconnected from their self-referral basis in pure consciousness. That is, the sequential unfoldment of Vedic sounds has been disrupted, has got out of its propeller sequence. The Vedic sound approach of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health is designed to restore unfoldment of intelligence in our body to match its original perfect pattern in pure consciousness, and thus to remove any physiological imbalances.
The use of Vedic sound is designed to reconnect the material structure of the physiology with the self-referral intelligence at its basis. This enlivenment of the inner intelligence of the body helps the body to spontaneously heal itself.

Sama Veda Album

SAMA VEDA Album with four cassettes


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